Student Life Center Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Overview

Help Us Reach Our Goal

#660000 Raised $2,802,087 towards the $8,000,000 target.

So far we have raised $2,802,087 towards our $8,000,000 target! Once we have received $5.6M in cash and commitments we can break ground. Thank you for your support.

To enhance the overall campus experience and have an impact on the community the AFLC Schools are seeking initial funding of $5.6M by January 31st, 2019 for the new Student Life Center. This will allow for ground breaking to begin late this winter with completion sometime during next school year. This facility will provide a place for varsity and intramural athletics as well as large events like Annual Conference. It includes office and classroom space, a fitness center, and a large gathering space with seating and a concessions area. It will become the center of student life on campus. Please consider giving to support this campaign and sharing the information from this site with other friends of the Schools.

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. -2 Corinthians 9:8 (ESV)

Building Plans

$8M Total Project Cost

  • ~$2.8M Existing Donations
  • ~$2.7M For Groundbreaking
  • ~$2.5M Additional For Total Funding


What is the approximate cost of the Student Life Center?

The Student Life Center will cost about $7,600,000. With furnishings, fixtures, and equipment the total cost is just about $8,000,000. Earlier estimates were lower, but they were older numbers for a slightly smaller building. Updated plans include more common area, future classrooms to accommodate a full campus of 300 AFLBS students (and 40 on-campus AFLTS students), additional future office space, and an outdoor seating area.

Weren't we talking about both a gym and a dorm?

Yes, a new 100-student dormitory is still part of the master plan, although not a current priority. Current enrollment does not necessitate a new dorm, but as a two-year college, AFLBS is always two years away from being completely full, and our strategic plan is designed to fill the campus with 160 students as soon as possible. This is not just wishing but an active, intentional effort to introduce students and parents to AFLBS and invite them to be a part of our campus family. Additional on-campus housing for seminary students would also be a great benefit. With that in mind, the preliminary plans for a future dormitory is designed for the first floor of the dorm to hold 10 apartments for seminary families, with the second floor holding 48 AFLBS students. These rooms would be premium rooms with AC and private bathrooms. The entire dorm could be converted to house AFLBS students as need arises.

Do you need to get additional permission from the city or neighborhood?

While additional permits are needed for construction, permission is not a problem, as our Planned Development from the construction of Heritage Hall is still valid.

How far along is this project?

We have the entire project planned and construction drawings completed. All we need is the funding to make it happen. If the funds come in by the end of January we can break ground as soon as the frost goes out and occupy the building at the end of calendar year 2019.

Why do you need this building?

The Student Life Center is more than a gymnasium, but the gym is the most-discussed and longest-planned portion of this project. It will provide space for intercollegiate and intramural athletics, allow for large on-campus gatherings like graduation and Annual Conference, contain space for current/future office and classroom needs, and include a fitness center for the physical benefit of students, staff, and faculty.

Will the Student Life Center increase enrollment?

Will the Student Life Center increase enrollment? We are working hard to maintain and improve our facilities, and to sharpen and advance our program, so as to attract new students. We are also recruiting students and telling our story of good ministry in a more aggressive, intentional way. We believe that the presence of a gymnasium will be attractive for some students and will increase enrollment in the short term. Long term, only a solid program built around equipping young people in the Word of God will sustain enrollment. This is our goal, so this is an encouragement to stay focused on that goal.

We’ve been talking about a gym for years. Is this just more talk?

The Schools believe that building a gym is a good idea for the purpose of enhancing our educational programs and residential student life, and thus will further our mission of establishing students in the Word of God for life in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will build the gym as soon as financially possible.

Will this special project shift giving away from the ministry of the Schools, or away from other AFLC ministries?

It could. We hope it doesn’t. The Schools have enough support to make this happen without givers shifting away from other AFLC departments. We anticipate some gift-shifting from the regular ministry of the school to the building, and will budget accordingly.

Who are the members of the building committee?

Chairman: Phil Johnson, Esko, MN | Steve Jankord, Fort Mill, SC | Paul Hensrud, Grand Forks, ND | James Rolf, Moorhead, MN | Ivar Berge, Fargo, ND | David Haugen, Pelican Rapids, MN | Wanda Jacobson, Brooklyn Park, MN